Fomo is the online equivalent of a busy store.

Most companies are doing marketing all wrong: too many aggressive popups, not enough personal connection. Fomo empowers honest businesses to get the credit they deserve with instant social proof.

After dropping one line of code, Fomo showcases recent customer actions to increase conversions and turn your website into the thriving piece of real estate it is.

Arnold Sanders Fomo

Arnold Sanders

Arnold grew up in Manhattan and we found him at a coffee shop. Go figure. After studying biology he noticed hard sciences are a lie and social science is TRUTH. Now he leads Fomo for ecommerce.

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Vladimir & vladimir

Vlad is not a designer, nor is he a brand consultant. He is but a medium, that allows everyone & everything to channel through him... sometimes designs come out, sometimes copy, sometimes coffee. He is also not an artist and musician.

Vlad's portfolio >>>
Vlad Fomo
Dominick Malzone Fomo

Dominick Malzone

Realizing Chicago is a fad, Dom dropped out of college and joined a startup. This is almost as risky as graduating from college and joining a startup. Dominick scrapes the web in his spare time.

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Chris Bacon

This crispy foreigner is best served cold. Chris lives in Canada and that's all we know. Sometimes he hikes outside but usually is programming during required 10p-2a office hours.

Bacon's git >>>
Chris Bacon Fomo
Klemen Nagode Fomo

Klemen Nagode

A Fomo native, Klemen, the keeper of the ruby, bangs his drums and sings enchanting mantras to keep the heart of Fomo ticking. For it is only when he gets in deep into his git-flow, that continuous integration is made possible.

Klemen's git >>>

Jaka Blažon

A tender young reinescance figure of the modern age, Jaka started founding companies and being all "startupy” at a very early age. While still grasping the curiosities of (business) life he remains the glue that keeps the team together.

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Jaka Blažon Fomo
Gašper Černevšek Fomo

Gašper Černevšek

What you see is what you get. And you get it from the G., himself. And there are not a lot of G’s that respect the D. (it’s designs, you perv!). Front-end master, life-hacker, good guy, G. - Gasper.

Gasper's git >>>

Dean Gostiša

If you supply him with craft beer, Dean will make sure that Fomo is insightful and useful. And although he makes machines learn, he himself is a machine, a beast and a big (data) baby who’s desk you better not touch (Jaka!).

Dean's git >>>
Dean Gostiša Fomo
Ryan Kulp Fomo

Ryan Kulp

If not talking to customers, he's redeeming points on the company credit card. You can find Fomo's resident insomniac on live chat after midnight or cancelling social media accounts.

Ryan's blog >>>

Justin Mares

A Pittsburgh native, Justin moved to San Francisco to escape the blizzard. Then he was kicked out of his apartment and moved to NYC to be closer to Ryan.

Justin's website >>>
Justin Mares Fomo